MDC will hold beginner duck hunting class online Aug. 25

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St. LOUIS, Mo.—The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is offering the chance for anyone interested in starting up the sport of duck hunting to learn the basics at a free online course.

The virtual Introduction to Duck Hunting program will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 25 from 6-7 p.m. Let knowledgeable MDC staff be your guides as you learn all the basics on the important aspects of the sport.

This course is designed for both new hunters and those who may have hunting experience but have never duck hunted before. The class will cover general duck hunting history and the basic duck biology useful for new hunters, including migration patterns and the significance of the North American Flyway, which goes through Missouri.

The program will examine the gear aspects of duck hunting, too. These include specialized cold-weather clothing needs, decoys, duck calls, and blinds. Attendees will also learn more about shotguns, including the best chokes and ammunition to use.

Finally, participants will put it all together by diving into the techniques of the sport, such as where to hunt, how to place decoys, shooting techniques, and assessing the best weather conditions. The class will also focus on the important aspects of duck species identification and hunting regulations.

Introduction to Duck Hunting is a free virtual program open to all ages, but advanced online registration is required at Attendees will receive an invitation by email from the MDC Event Management System with a WebEx program link the day before the program.

MDC offers many free educational programs in the St. Louis region to help people discover nature, fishing, hunting, and the outdoors. Stay informed by going to the MDC St. Louis regional events page at