MDC welcomes new conservation agent in Atchison County

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Rock Port, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has assigned Justin Ralph as the new conservation agent serving Atchison County. Ralph joins MDC’s protection team assisting the public and safeguarding fish, forests, and wildlife in northwest Missouri.

Ralph is not new to the state’s northwest region. He is from Plattsburg in Clinton County. His appreciation for the outdoors began with deer hunting and fishing.

Ralph was among the graduates in October from MDC’s Conservation Agent Training Academy in Jefferson City. New agents receive more than 1,200 hours of training in criminal investigations, defensive tactics, firearms qualifications, and technical instruction in fish, forest, and wildlife management. Training also included courses in legal studies, communications and conducting education programs, and First Aid/First Responder and CPR certification.

Atchison County borders the Missouri River and has the steep loess hills bluffs overlooking the river, as well as varied upland topography and habitat throughout the county.

“I look forward to the different geography,” Ralph said. “The most positive thing I have discovered since moving here is how welcoming the people are of both my wife, Paige, and I.”

Ralph can be reached at 816-383-0404, or by email at