MDC repairing broken river pump at Eagle Bluffs CA

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COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will have a reduced number of hunting positions available at Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area (CA) for the upcoming duck season. Between one half to two thirds of the normal positions will be available for in season reservations due to a broken river pump on site.

Eagle Bluffs CA houses two separate river pumps that are used to draw in the necessary amount of water to fill the pools used for hunting. One of these pumps is currently inoperable, and the necessary parts to repair the pump are unavailable due to manufacturing and shipping delays. Without this pump, some pools used for hunting reservations will not be filled. It is anticipated that repairs will start around 2023.

In season reservations at Eagle Bluffs CA begin on Oct. 18. Eagle Bluffs CA is located at 6700 W. Route K in Columbia.