MDC purchasing tree seed from the public for select species

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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) George O. White Tree Nursery in Licking is currently purchasing tree seed from the public for a variety of species. The nursery conducts seed collections periodically and collected seeds are grown into bare root seedlings.

In southwest Missouri, people can bring their seed to MDC’s Southwest Regional Office at 2630 N. Mayfair Ave. in Springfield during regular business hours on Thursdays through Nov. 10. The nursery will quit accepting seed once the quota has been reached for that tree, so it would be best to call ahead to be sure there is still a need for the seed that is being brought in.

The nursery reserves the right to stop buying seed once needs are met. The nursery also reserves the right to reject seed that is poor quality, is not mature, or is mixed with refuse such as leaves and twigs. People in southwest Missouri who have questions about tree species or how to check to see if their seed is good can contact MDC Forester Paul Johnson at 417-895-6881, ext. 1631 or at People can also get information from George O. White Nursery Manager Mike Fiaoni at

Here is tree seed the nursery is currently requesting and (all prices are per pound):

  • Blackgum, $5.50
  • Ohio buckeye (without hulls), $0.75
  • Red buckeye (without hulls), $0.75
  • Butternut, $2.50
  • Carolina buckthorn, $4.25
  • Gray dogwood, $4.65
  • Roughleaf dogwood, $4.65
  • Hazelnut, $3.50 (seed must be mature, light brown and easily pulled from husk, no green or partially green husks will be accepted)
  • Mixed hickory, $0.60
  • Shellbark hickory, $0.75
  • Black oak, $0.85
  • Bur oak, $0.95 (no small bur oak will be accepted, must be approximately 1.25 inches in diameter or larger
  • Cherrybark oak, $1.75
  • Chinkapin oak, $2.25
  • Pin oak, $1.10
  • Post oak, $1.25
  • Northern red oak, $0.75
  • Nuttall oak, $1.75
  • Overcup oak, $1.40
  • Shumard oak, $0.85
  • Swamp chestnut oak, $1.40
  • Swamp white oak, $1.40
  • Willow oak, $1.75
  • Persimmon, $0.60 (Persimmon fruit must be ripe, yellow, red, or orange)
  • Redbud, $3.75 in pods (pods must be brown and have, on average, three seeds per pod that are light-brown and filled)
  • Spicebush, $4
  • Eastern wahoo, $5

Due to limited need, please call before collecting any of the species listed below:

  • Flowering dogwood, $4.50
  • Paw paw, $1.35 (fruit must be ripe and soft, if too firm, seed will not be accepted)
  • Baldcypress, $6.25 (seed accepted after Oct. 25, seed must be from trees next to water)
  • Deciduous holly, $4.25 (seed accepted after Oct. 25)
  • Kentucky coffee tree, $7.75 (seed will be accepted after Nov. 29, no pods, clean seed only)