MDC offers web links to view peregrine falcon chicks

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Kansas City, Mo. – The hatch is on at the peregrine falcon nests in the Kansas City area, which are viewable online via streaming video. Chicks started hatching late Sunday, May 3, at the nest at the KCP&L Iatan Power Plant, and young ones began appearing Monday at the nest at American Century Investments on the Country Club Plaza, said Joe DeBold, urban wildlife biologist for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC).

Parent falcons will begin hunting and bringing food to the nests for their young. The falcon nests are a partnership between MDC, KCP&L and American Century Investments. Cameras are mounted to peer into the nest boxes and provide streaming video.

The nest at the Iatan Power Plant is viewable online at To watch falcon chicks at the American Century tower, visit

Peregrine falcons are endangered in Missouri. MDC began re-introducing falcons in the Kansas City area in 1991.

For more information on peregrine falcons in Missouri, and for other wildlife cameras, visit