Habitat Restoration along Sunset Street in Springfield.jpg

Habitat Restoration along Sunset Street in Springfield
This habitat restoration along Sunset Street in Springfield (pictured) is an example of projects that can be done with Missouri Department of Conservation Community Conservation Grants. These grants are open to government entities or non-profit organizations that wish to develop conservation strategies for their communities.

MDC offers grant opportunities to local communities

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Jun 20, 2019

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has long realized that urban areas are important components of wildlife habitat in the state. With that in mind, MDC is offering Community Conservation Grants (CCG) to government entities (civic governments, municipal and county park departments, etc.) or non-profit organizations to help their communities develop conservation strategies that will create urban areas beneficial to both residents and wildlife.

Agencies or other groups interested in pursuing these grant opportunities should contact MDC Urban Wildlife Biologist Ashley Schnake at 417-895-6881, ext. 1637 or at Ashley.Schnake@mdc.mo.gov

The goals of the CCG program are:

  • To provide support for terrestrial and aquatic habitat improvement in urban areas
  • To coordinate efforts among similar organizations which share the common goal of improving urban habitats and supporting community conservation efforts
  • To train partner organization staff in native habitat restoration and long-term management practices of sustaining natural landscapes
  • To engage the public through conservation education and volunteer opportunities.

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