MDC invites public to learn about aquatic plants June 12

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KINGSVILLE, Mo. – Plants are a valuable part of a pond ecosystem, but sometimes pond owners have too much of a good thing. Keeping pond plants under control is one of the keys to successful pond management.

People can learn more about managing the plants in their ponds and water gardens on June 12 at a free aquatic plant workshop from 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m. at Powell Gardens, located at 1609 NW U.S. Highway 50 in Kingsville. This event is a cooperative effort of the Missouri Department of Conservation and Powell Gardens. People can register by calling 660-530-5500.

Information that will be covered at the workshop includes:

  • aquatic plant identification
  • importance of aquatic plants in a pond
  • how to control nuisance plants
  • how to identify hydrilla and other exotic invasive plants
  • importance of using bare-root plants as a way of preventing the introduction of non-native problem plants
  • fish management
  • fish stocking

Attendees are encouraged to bring photos of nuisance aquatic plants from their ponds to get identification of these plants and recommendations for management and control.

Information on aquatic plant management can also be found at: