MDC to increase prices for nonresident permits starting in 2020

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will increase the prices for some nonresident hunting and fishing permits starting in 2020. According to MDC, permit prices have not been raised in over a decade and adjustments are needed to help keep up with increasing costs of providing conservation programs and services around the state.

The price increases were given initial approval by the Missouri Conservation Commission at its May 23 meeting. As part of the rulemaking process, MDC asked for public comment on the changes during July. The Commission then considered input received and approved the increases during its Aug. 23 meeting.

The effective date will be Feb. 29, 2020, for the following nonresident permit price increases:


Daily Fishing (1 Day)                 $7                                  $8                         

Daily Fishing (3 Days)               $21                                $24                       

Annual Fishing                          $42                               $49                       

Furbearer Hunting/Trapping  $130                              $192                     

Annual Small Game Hunting   $80                                $94                       

Daily Small Game (1 Day)        $11                                $14                       

Daily Small Game (3 Days)      $33                                $42                       

Conservation Order                 $40                                $47                       

Spring Turkey Hunting            $190                              $224                   

Fall Turkey Hunting                  $110                              $130                     

Firearm Deer Hunting              $225                              $265                     

Archery Hunting                       $225                              $265                     

Managed Deer Hunting           $225                              $265                       

Nonresidents account for nearly 100% of daily fishing permit purchases and daily small-game hunting permit purchases. As part of the changes, MDC will also limit daily fishing permits and daily hunting permits to 1 and 3 days and eliminate daily fishing permits and daily hunting permits for other numbers of days (2, 4, 5, 6, and 7 days).

MDC permit sales account for about 17 percent of the agency’s annual revenue and help fund numerous conservation efforts around the state. Other significant revenue sources include the Conservation Sales Tax at about 61 percent and federal reimbursements at about 16 percent. Sales and rentals, interest, and other sources make up the remaining 6 percent of MDC revenue. According to MDC, the average Missourian pays about $19 annually for conservation efforts through the Department’s dedicated sales tax revenue. MDC receives no funding from property taxes, tickets or citations (which go to local school districts), or the state’s general revenue budget.