MDC implements new online registration for nature center programs

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. -- There’s a new way to sign up for Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) nature programs. Thousands of people that attend hiking, archery, kayaking and other nature programs at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center can now manage their attendance whenever it’s convenient for them. Instead of calling the center during business hours, registrations are now made online at

“All of MDC’s programs across the state are available at the website, so people can register for an event at any location they plan to travel to, or designate their local nature center in the search criteria,” said Jaime Koehler, assistant manager at the Cape Nature Center.

Koehler said the first step in registering for a program is creating a profile.  This takes a few minutes, but once a profile is created, signing up for future programs is very simple. 

“Just sign in and click the ‘register’ button,” she said. 

The online registration is convenient for the public since they can now register at any time of day instead of waiting for a facility to be open.

“Nearly everyone uses technology to email, text, and make purchases, so we felt it was time to provide this service for the benefit of the public,” Koehler said.  

Once someone creates their profile and registers for an event, they can choose to receive email reminders and additional details about each program, they can cancel their attendance if needed and they can do this whenever it is convenient for them. There’s no need to remember to call MDC during business hours.

MDC will also use the system to evaluate which types of programs the nature centers, ranges, interpretive sites, and other facilities should focus on.  The registration program will generate statewide reports to give MDC information on which programs are needed, wanted, or unsuccessful.

Koehler said to expect continued improvements, such as a family registration function, where multiple family members could register at once. Currently, a profile is created for each person. If help is needed, there’s a toll-free number on the registration page or nature center staff are happy to help people transition to the new system. 

To register for programs, go online to