MDC holds a virtual presentation about spiders Sept. 24

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St. LOUIS, Mo.— Spiders are everywhere including in your yard, on your house, and occasionally in your house.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is holding a Meet Your Spiders online program Thursday, Sept. 24 from 3-3:45 p.m. This WebEx event will include live interactive Q&A opportunities with the presenter via chat during the presentation. The program is free and open to all ages.

If you like spiders, or even if they freak you out a bit, this virtual program will help you to recognize and appreciate very common types of spiders that can be encountered close to home.

Some spiders weave elaborate webs to ensnare their prey. Others capture prey by ambush or actively hunting without the use of a web. Well over 400 species of spiders have been documented here in Missouri.

“I have been surprised at the diversity of spiders I have encountered around my home once I started paying attention,” said David Bruns, MDC Conservation Educator and spider enthusiast who will be presenting this program. “Fortunately, the vast majority of these are considered harmless to humans.”

David has been studying and photo-documenting spider diversity in Missouri as a hobby since 2016 and has contributed photos and articles about spiders to Missouri Conservationist Magazine He will be using his photographs to show how different types of spiders can be recognized. He will also be sharing some skills and techniques for observing and appreciating common types of spiders.

Meet Your Spiders is a free virtual program open to all ages, but advanced online registration is required at  Attendees will receive an invitation by email from the MDC Event Management System with a WebEx program link the day before the program.

MDC offers many free educational programs in the St. Louis region to help people discover nature, fishing, hunting, and the outdoors. Stay informed by going to the MDC St. Louis regional events page at