MDC helps deer hunters Share the Harvest

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Kansas City, Mo. – Deer hunters in the Kansas City and St Joseph areas can donate venison to the needy through the Share the Harvest program, administered by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Conservation Federation of Missouri. This statewide program allows hunters with extra venison to provide healthy food to be distributed by a local charitable agency.

To donate, hunters must take their deer to an approved meat processor. They may donate all or part of the venison from a deer. The processor will package the meat and provide it to the charitable agency. Some local funds may be available to pay or reduce processing costs, although those costs are the hunter’s responsibility when local funds are not available.

Approved processors in or near the Kansas City and St. Joseph areas include: The Store, Raytown in Jackson County; Clark’s Custom Meat Co., St. Joseph in Buchanan County; Gilbert Meat Locker, Holden in Johnson County; Alma Meats, Alma in Lafayette County; Higginsville Processing Plant, Higginsville in Lafayette County, and Nadlers Locker Plant, Wellington in Lafayette County; Brendle’s Butcher Block, Gower in Clinton County.

A complete list of all approved Share the Harvest processors in all counties is available in MDC’s 2016 Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet, available at MDC offices and nature centers. The booklet is also available where hunting permits are sold and online at

MDC also provides a free MO Hunting mobile app for digital devices at