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A new target shooting range will be built at the Ralph and Martha Perry Memorial Conservation Area in Johnson County. An old range on the area will be closed when the new one is completed.

MDC conservation area in Johnson County to get new target range

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Kansas City
Mar 08, 2019

Knob Knoster, Mo. – The Missouri Conservation Commission has approved construction of a new target shooting range at the Ralph and Martha Perry Memorial Conservation Area in Johnson County. At a Feb. 8 meeting, the commission approved the $532,610 contract for construction of the range with Kat Excavation, Inc., of Bates City, Mo.

An old range at the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) area south of Concordia will be closed once the new range is completed. Construction is expected to start this spring, said Dale Parsons, MDC project engineer. The contract calls for completion of the range within 120 working days after construction begins.

The new range will accommodate both pistol and rifle target practice. Plans call for four 25-yard lanes, three 50-yard lanes, and two 100-yard lanes.  The range will be in an excavated area. Safety features will include a covered firing line, enhanced backstops and side berms, and noise reduction features. A 20-foot tall earthen berm will be behind the targets.

Visitors will have access to the range off N.E. 925 Road. The parking lot and range will have ADA accessibility features.

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