MDC changes some requirements for landowner permits

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Starting in 2020, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will increase the minimum acreage requirement from five to 20 acres for resident landowners and members of their immediate households to receive free permits for deer and turkey hunting.

Resident landowners with five or more acres and members of their immediate households will continue to be allowed to hunt small game, fish on waters of the state, and trap on their qualifying properties without the need of a permit.

Also starting in 2020, MDC will offer discounted deer and turkey hunting permits for nonresident landowners with 75 acres or more in a contiguous tract. According to MDC, many nonresident landowners provide wildlife habitat work on their properties and those efforts can provide benefits to state wildlife resources. The discounted permits for nonresident landowners will be:


Spring Turkey                                 $224                                   $165             

Fall Turkey                                      $130                                   $96               

Archery                                           $265                                   $195             

Firearm Deer                                  $265                                   $195             

MDC is also implementing a landowner permit application starting in 2020 for resident landowners to obtain free landowner deer and turkey permits and for nonresident landowners to obtain discounted landowner permits.

The landowner permit application is needed by both MDC and permit vendors to help eliminate misuse of landowner permits and privileges. According to MDC, conservation agents around the state find several hundred related violations each year. A review by conservation agents in 2017 found 35% misuse of deer and turkey hunting landowner privileges. Prior to 2004, landowners wanting no cost landowner deer and turkey hunting privileges were required to provide proof by mailing the appropriate information to MDC.

The landowner permit application will provide secure records of landowners and members of their households who qualify for the free and discounted permits. The electronic system will also provide proof of land ownership and boundaries of the properties for which the free and discounted permits apply. Individuals will be required to provide their information online through a secure MDC webpage, or in paper form. The landowner permit application will be available starting in January 2020.

MDC conducted an online landowner survey in March to get feedback on acreage preferences. The changes were given initial approval by the Missouri Conservation Commission at its May 23 meeting. As part of the rulemaking process, MDC asked for public comments during July and early August. The Commission considered input received and approved the changes at its Aug. 23 meeting. The changes will become effective Jan. 15, 2020.