MDC begins archery range renovations on August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area

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St. Charles, Mo. — In a continuing effort to improve its facilities, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will begin renovating the archery range on the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles in mid-October. The new archery range will offer improved static and walk-through shooting facilities, as well as better accessibility for archers with disabilities on the static range.

In order to complete the major renovation project, the current archery range will close down for public use beginning Tuesday, Oct. 14, and will remain closed approximately five months until the work is completed. The new range is projected to open in early 2015. The exact re-opening date is dependent on weather conditions during construction and will be announced when it becomes available.

When completed, the new archery range will offer users a number of improvements. There will be a total of 20 targets on the static range, including14 targets arranged from 10 – 40 yards in five yard increments, and one elevated platform approximately 10 feet in height with ADA access that will include six targets, one every five yards between 15 and 40 yards.

The static range will also incorporate two Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking spots and ADA-compliant concrete sidewalks and accesses.

Shooters using the walk-through range will also enjoy new benefits, including:

  • Two walk through archery ranges; one a loop and one in-and-out configuration
  • Each walk through archery range will include 14 targets for a total of 28 targets
  • Different target distances from 10 – 60 yards will be provided on both walk through ranges. Each target lane will include a short marked distance and a longer marked distance to accommodate different levels of skill.

Broadhead archery pits will continue to be offered for use at the nearby August A. Busch Shooting Range until it closes for renovation Jan. 1, 2015.

For more information on the progress of the archery range renovation project, call 636-441-4554.

The August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area is located at 2360 Highway D. approximately two miles west of Highway 94.