MDC Announces Renovations of Busch Shooting Range

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ST. CHARLES, Mo—The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area Shooting Range will be renovated, beginning in January 2015, into an expanded, state-of-the-art shooting range with additional shooting stations and a new classroom facility for hunter education programs. 

To expedite the renovations to the existing site, the shooting range will temporarily be closed for public use starting in January 2015 and remain closed for the duration of the 24-30 month renovation project. MDC is also expanding shooting opportunities at other MDC ranges during the renovation, as well as working with other commercial ranges for additional opportunities, to minimize the inconvenience to current users.

This renovation project is part of MDC’s ongoing commitment to help Missourians improve their outdoor skills and discover nature. The new range will incorporate the most current national shooting range design standards, including an increased number of shooting stations, new classroom facility, and other building improvements for user convenience, safety, and reduced waiting times. 

The August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area Shooting Range is located on Route D in St. Charles, approximately five miles west of Highway 94. Originally built in 1975, the shooting range has more than 40,000 shooters annually, which is the highest number of shooters for all MDC ranges in the state.