Many MDC conservation areas and river accesses affected by high water

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Kansas City
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Kansas City, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports that many conservation areas and river or lake access sites in western Missouri are inundated or being affected by high water. Many boat ramps and parking lots are unusable due to high water or flood damage. Visitors should use caution in all low-lying areas.

Some sites are above water but access roads are flooded or muddy. For example, the Golden Valley Shooting Range near Clinton and Truman Lake is closed and unreachable because of water over roads.

In northwest Missouri, some areas along the Missouri River have been closed for weeks due to ongoing flooding or access issues. The Bob Brown Conservation Area and Thurnau Conservation Area are closed. But with moderate flooding along rivers and more rain predicted, other accesses or parts of some conservation areas may be under water or not safely usable.

Several MDC conservation areas in upland areas far from flood plains have small lakes and ponds that may be fishable in the days ahead. Though they may also be experiencing high water levels or muddy water conditions, depending on the watershed and location.

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