Learn about amphibians at March 22 MDC virtual program

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JOPLIN, Mo. – Amphibians provide a number of benefits to humans. Their actions, appearances, and the sounds some of them make also add enjoyment to the outdoors in spring and summer.

People who want to learn more about amphibians should sign up for the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) virtual program “Amazing Amphibians” on March 22. This program, which will be from 10-11 a.m. and is open to all ages, is being put on by the staff of MDC’s Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center in Joplin. People can register at:


Defining what an amphibian is in a few words can be difficult because all amphibians don’t feature the same traits, but the word “amphibian” offers a good clue. It comes from a Greek word that means “two lives” and therein lies a good, basic definition of these creatures. This name refers to the creatures’ life cycle that, with only a few exceptions, consists of a life that features both in-the-water and out-of-the-water components. Amphibians in Missouri include frogs, toads, and salamanders.

At the March 22 program, MDC Naturalist Jessie Ballard will discuss the species of amphibians found in Missouri and talk about how they help humans. Program participants will see live amphibians and be sent a PDF amphibian craft to make at home.

Though this program is free, registration is required to participate. Use the link above. Registrants must provide an e-mail, so a program link can be sent to them. This program will include a chat-based question-and-answer period where participants can interact with the presenters.

MDC’s Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center is located at 201 W. Riviera Drive. People can stay informed about upcoming programs at the Shoal Creek Center and other MDC facilities by signing up for text alerts and e-mail bulletins. People who have questions about how to sign up for text alerts from the Shoal Creek Center can call 417-629-3434.

Staff at MDC facilities across the state are holding in-person and virtual programs. A listing of these programs can be found at mdc.mo.gov/events.