July 2013 Conservation Action

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The Conservation Commission met July 2 and 3 in Jefferson City. Commissioners present were:

Don C. Bedell, Sikeston, Chair

James T. Blair, IV, St. Louis, Vice Chair

Becky L. Plattner, Grand Pass, Secretary

Don R. Johnson, Festus, Member


The Commission:

• Received presentations from:

o Resource Scientist Lonnie Hansen regarding future elk population management

o Ducks Unlimited (DU) Director of Conservation Programs David Brakhage, and Manager of Conservation Mark Flaspohler regarding the DU-MDC partnership and accomplishments

o Resource Science Division Chief Mike Hubbard regarding wildlife management and Wildlife Code complexities of the 21st Century


• The Commission voted to encourage staff to follow the October 2010 elk restoration plan and begin the process of developing a future elk hunting season, with public input, as a means to manage the herd.

• Approved entering into a contract with Brockmiller Construction, Inc., Farmington, for the construction of the Meramec Spring Fish Hatchery Pool 5 Screen and Weir Gate Replacement project in Phelps County, at a total estimated cost of $261,500. Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Program funds will be utilized to cover 75% of the total project cost.

• Approved a recommendation to purchase approximately 8.45 acres in Laclede County as an addition to Coffin Cave Conservation Area

• Approved a recommendation to sell approximately 2.25 acres of the Mount Hulda Towersite in Benton County

• Approved the advertisement and sale of an estimated 1.97 million board feet of timber located on 633 acres of Compartment 2, Birch Creek Conservation Area in Shannon County

• Suspended hunting, fishing, and/or trapping privileges of nine Missouri residents for Wildlife Code violations. Those whose privileges were suspended are:

James T. Burnett, Desoto, hunting and fishing, 2 years

John R. Clark, St. Louis, hunting, 3 years

Cody J. Collins, Clarence, hunting, until 5-17-14

Ralph D. Conner, Neosho, hunting, 1 year

Michael P. Cuddy, Ashland, all sport privileges, 1 year

Larry N. Edwards, St. Joseph, hunting, 1 year

Jeffrey R. Ferris, Camdenton, all sport privileges, 12 years

Shannon E. Lane, Eagleville, hunting, until 1-9-14

Chase L. Williams, Caulfield, hunting, 3 years

• Approved the suspension or revocation of all hunting and fishing privileges of 211 people who are not in compliance with applicable child-support laws. Privileges suspended for noncompliance are reinstated once the Division of Child Support Enforcement notifies MDC that suspendees have come into compliance with the required laws.

• Suspended privileges of 322 people under the provisions of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

• Received public comments from Sam James regarding chronic wasting disease.

• Elected the following officers:

o Don C. Bedell, Chair

o James T. Blair, IV, Vice Chair/Secretary

• Set its next regular meeting for Aug. 15 and 16 in Jefferson City.

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This document is provided for public information only and is not an official record of the Missouri Department of Conservation or Missouri Conservation Commission.