Jan. 12 MDC program at Twin Pines will discuss cavity-nesting birds

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WINONA, Mo. – A variety of Missouri birds nest in the naturally occurring openings found in dead or dying trees. Bluebirds and some other species will also readily accept human-made nesting boxes that replicate the cavity comforts found in the forest.

People who want to learn about cavity-nesting bird species and want to help the region’s bluebird population should plan to attend the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) program “Cavity Nesters: Build Your Own Nesting Box.” This free program will be 6-7:30 p.m. on Jan. 12 at MDC’s Twin Pines Conservation Education Center in Winona. This program is open to ages 12 and up. MDC’s Twin Pines Center is located at 20086 Highway 60 in Winona. People can register at https://mdc-event-web.s3licensing.com/Event/EventDetails/189424

At this program, MDC Naturalist Wendy Lott will talk about some of the cavity-nesting birds found in Missouri. Program participants will also get to build and take home a bluebird nesting box. The eastern bluebird, Missouri's state bird and one of the Show-Me State's best-known cavity nesters, begins arriving at nesting sites in February and early March. Boxes built and put up now may soon be put to good use.

Though this program is free, registration is required to participate. Use the link above. People can stay informed about upcoming programs at MDC’s Twin Pines Conservation Education Center and other MDC facilities by signing up for text alerts and e-mail bulletins. People who have questions about how to sign up for text alerts from the nature center can 573-325-1381.

Staff at MDC facilities across the state are holding virtual programs. A listing of these programs can be found at mdc.mo.gov/events.