Get fall deer and turkey hunting info from new MDC booklet

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri deer and turkey hunters can get the most current information on upcoming fall hunting from the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) 2020 Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting & Regulations Information booklet, available where permits are sold and online at

The booklet has detailed information on fall deer and turkey hunting seasons, limits, permits, managed hunts, regulations, conservation areas to hunt, post-harvest instructions, chronic wasting disease (CWD) updates, and more.

Changes for the upcoming season include:

  • Flood-prone areas in southeast Missouri are closed to hunting, except waterfowl, during deer and turkey seasons when river levels exceed certain limits.
  • To slow the spread of CWD, there are new carcass transportation regulations.
  • Clark County has been added to the CWD Management Zone.
  • During Nov. 14–15, hunters who harvest a deer in the CWD Management Zone must take it on the day of harvest to a CWD sampling station. MDC is monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and will re-evaluate by Nov. 1 mandatory CWD sampling requirements. For the latest information, please visit
  • The antler-point restriction has been removed for Clark County and inside the Columbia city limits.
  • Nonresident permit prices have gone up.
  • Hunters may no longer use a Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permit in Atchison County.
  • Hunters may now fill two Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits in Lincoln and Montgomery counties, and in Cass County outside the urban zone.
  • To qualify for no-cost resident landowner permits, you now must own at least 20 acres in one contiguous tract.
  • Nonresidents who own at least 75 acres in one contiguous tract in Missouri may now buy deer and turkey hunting permits at reduced prices.
  • To get landowner permits, you must submit information about your property by filling out a Landowner Permit Application.
  • Qualifying landowners may now receive two Resident Landowner Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits in Newton County.
  • Archery Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits may now be used in Scott County.
  • New managed deer hunts have been added, and others have been removed or modified.
  • Deer hunting regulations have changed for some conservation areas.
  • A limited elk hunting season will be held in Carter, Reynolds, and Shannon counties.
  • There is a new definition for handgun.

Buy Missouri hunting and fishing permits from numerous vendors around the state, online at, or through MDC’s free mobile app, MO Hunting, available for download through Google Play or the App Store.