Deer hunters need to be mindful of high fire danger

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SPRINGFIELD Mo -- As hunters prepare for the opening day of the November firearms deer season on Saturday, Nov. 13, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is asking whitetail enthusiasts to be mindful of the high fire danger that exists in many parts of the state. The combination of low rainfall and an abundance of fuel in the form of dry leaves, dry plants and downed timber have created a high risk of wildfire in many areas. Even if this region receives the rain predicted over the next two days, a sunny weekend will quickly dry out potential fuels and return many sites to a condition of high fire danger.

Missourians have a long and proud history of showing they care about conserving forests, fish and wildlife so MDC staff are confident hunters will readily adhere to a few basic fire safety principles:

Hunters who plan to have campfires should choose a safe location to build their fires.

Fires need to be watched while hunters are in camp.

No burning campfire should be left un-attended.

Hunters need to be sure fires are completely extinguished when it’s time to leave camp to go hunting or to depart for home.

Also, hunters are advised not to drive through fields or grassy areas, but to keep vehicles on roads and parking lots. If hunters smoke, make sure all cigarette butts are extinguished when they’re discarded.

The November portion of Missouri’s firearms deer season runs from Saturday, Nov. 13, through Tuesday, Nov. 23.