April 2012 Conservation Action

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Conservation Action

April 2012

The Conservation Commission met April 12 and 13 at Conservation Departent Headquarters, 2901 W. Truman Blvd., Jefferson City. Commissioners present were:

Don R. Johnson, Festus, Chair

Don C. Bedell, Sikeston, Vice Chair

Becky L. Plattner, Grand Pass, Secretary

James T. Blair, IV, St. Louis, Member


The Commission:

• Received presentations from:

- Resource Scientist Jeff Beringer regarding black-bear research.

- Forest Nursery Supervisor Greg Hoss regarding operations at George O. White State Forest Nursery.

- Administrative Services Division Chief Carter Campbell regarding division activities.

• Presented volunteer-service awards to Phyllis Boyd and Charlotte Cox for more than 2,000 hours of service at Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center, Blue Springs.

• Approved the advertisement and sale of estimated 847,228 board feet of timber on 505 acres of Compartment 8, Angeline Conservation Area in Shannon County.

• Approved a recommendation to sell approximately 2 acres of the Long Ridge Conservation Area in Franklin County.

• Approved naming the new building at the Central Regional Office and Conservation Research Center in Columbia the E. Sydney Stephens Building.

• Suspended hunting, fishing and/or trapping privileges of 33 Missouri residents for Wildlife Code violations and affirmed actions taken by Missouri courts suspending privileges of one Missouri resident. Those whose privileges were suspended are:

Seth A. Baker, Bronaugh, all sport, 1 year.

Dallas W. Beasley, Everton, hunting and trapping, 1 year.

Christopher R. Brawley, Bunker, all sport, 3 years.

Charles E. Browers, Olean, hunting and trapping, 3 years.

Cory A. Cook, Perryville, all sport, 1 year.

Andrew B. Douglas, Stoutland, all sport, 1 year.

Collin B. Edwards, Springfield, hunting and trapping, 1 year.

Phillip C. Eidson, Urbana, all sport, 1 year.

Dane T. Goff, Rolla, hunting and trapping, 3 years.

Terry D. Hahnfeld, Bronaugh, all sport, 1 year.

Joshua L. Hicks, Macomb, hunting and trapping, 3 years.

Shawn L. Hood, Birch Tree, all sport, 4 years.

Jason R. Horn, St. Joseph, all sport, 1 year.

Bobby D. Huffmon, Hale, all sport, 1 year.

Randy C. Kern, Ellsinore, all sport, 1 year.

Charles D. Langley, New Madrid, hunting and trapping, 2 years.

Chad W. Lemons, Grovespring, hunting and trapping, 1 year.

Eric R. Littrell, Centralia, all sport, 1 year.

William T. Miller, King City, all sport, 3 years.

Layton A. Moore, Warrensburg, hunting and trapping, 1 year.

Austin W. Muff, King City, hunting and trapping, 3 years.

Ryan D. Palmer, Clinton, all sport, 1 year.

Adam L. Perea, Perryville, all sport, 1 year.

Loyd D. Rantz, Spokane, hunting and trapping, 1 year.

Vitaliy Soyarkov, Sedalia, all sport, 1 year.

Justin R. Swayze, Orrick, hunting, until 12/6/2012.

Raymond B. Sworde, Nevada, all sport, 1 year.

Leland T. Thompson, Rolla, all sport, 1 year.

Kirk D. Troy, Springfield, all sport, 1 year.

Jacob A. Waddle, LaPlata, hunting and trapping, 1 year.

Ralph A. Weber, Bonnots Mill, all sport, 1 year.

James A. White, Kansas City, all sport, 1 year.

David A. Wilson, Center, all sport, 1 year.

Ezekiel Young, Villa Ridge, all sport, 1½ years.

• Approved the suspension or revocation of all hunting and fishing privileges of 277 people who are not in compliance with applicable child-support laws. Privileges suspended for noncompliance are reinstated once the Division of Child Support Enforcement notifies MDC that suspendees have come into compliance with the required laws.

• Suspended privileges of 226 people under the provisions of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

• Imposed hunting privilege suspensions of one to three years for two Missouri residents and one nonresident who injured other persons in hunting incidents. The hunters must complete a hunter-education training course before restoration of privileges.

• Viewed the Conservation Department’s new, 75th anniversary video, The Promise Continues.

• Set the next regular Conservation Commission meeting for May 24-25 in St. Joseph.

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This document is provided for public information only and is not an official record of the Missouri Department of Conservation or Missouri Conservation Commission.