Creature Feature: Eastern Cottontail

By MDC | November 1, 2023
From Xplor: November/December 2023

You Eat What?!

Cottontails, like most rabbits, eat their own droppings. Digesting food twice helps them absorb extra nutrients.

Long Jumper

When a bunny wants to boogie, it can leap 15 feet in a single hop and rocket away at 18 miles per hour.

Satellite-Dish Ears

A cottontail can turn each ear independently to focus on the slightest of sounds.

Wide-Angle Vision

Thanks to eyes that stick out from the sides of its head, a cottontail can see danger approaching from almost any direction.

Scissor Teeth

The top and bottom front teeth slip snuggly against each other like blades on a pair of scissors. This allows a cottontail to snip through tough plant stems.


To avoid being seen, cottontails freeze in place and may remain motionless for 15 minutes or longer.

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