Get Out!

By MDC | July 1, 2022
From Xplor: July/August 2022

Fun things to do and great places to discover nature.

  • Ruby-throated hummingbirds may be Missouri’s tiniest bird, but they’re also fearless. How bold are they? Hold your hand near a nectar feeder. With plenty of patience, you might convince a hungry hummer to perch on your finger!
  • To see what’s fluttering around your yard after dark, hang a sheet between two trees and place a bright light behind it. Moths and other insects will be attracted to the light and gather on the sheet.
  • Nothing beats a bowl of ice cream after a steamy day of picking blackberries. In a food processor, blend 2 cups blackberries, 1 cup sugar, and ½ cup water. Strain the mixture and add ½ cup heavy cream. Chill the mixture for an hour then pour into an ice cream maker.
  • In late August, harmless Texas brown tarantulas leave burrows to search for mates. Look for Missouri’s largest, hairiest, and (some would say) scariest spider crossing roads in southern Missouri.
  • Fishing for smallmouth bass on a cool Ozark stream is a great way to beat summer heat. For tips on where to fish, cast a line to


Looking for more ways to have fun outside? Find out about Discover Nature programs in your area at


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