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By MDC | March 1, 2022
From Xplor: March/April 2022

Blue Jay

Is this blue jay happy or upset? Jays are found in forests, parks, and backyards. To learn more about this colorful, noisy bird, fly over to mdc.mo.gov/field-guide.

Scam Caller

Blue jays mimic a variety of sounds. To scare away other birds, they sometimes whistle like a hawk.

Crest to Impress

For clues about a jay’s mood, look at its crest of feathers. A happy jay keeps its crest lowered. An upset jay raises its crest high.

Baby Blues

If you find a baby jay, leave it alone. Its parents — who are probably raising a ruckus nearby — will feed the youngster until it can fly.

Only They Can Tell

Boy and girl blue jays look alike. But only females incubate eggs, so if you see a jay on a nest, it’s almost certainly a girl.

Stuff It!

If you see a jay with a swollen neck, it doesn’t have a sore throat. Jays transport acorns by stuffing them down their flexible throats.


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