Predator Vs. Prey

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From Xplor: September/October 2020

Illustrated by David Besenger

Carolina Mantid vs. Ambush Bug

Head on a Swivel

Thanks to a head that can turn 180 degrees, a mantid can spot supper no matter where prey is hiding.

Spring-Loaded Legs

Mantids strike with ninja-like speed, snapping their spiky forelegs together to skewer prey and pin it in place for a killing bite.

Blossom Costume

Camouflaged colors and a bumpy body make an ambush bug almost invisible on flowers.

Stabby Yapper

An ambush bug uses its knifelike mouth to stab unlucky insects and inject digestive juices that paralyze prey.

and the winner is…

Both of these predators lie in wait and strike quickly to ambush insects that creep too close. This time, the mantid has surprise on its side, and the ambush bug should say its prayers.

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