Predator vs. Prey: Eastern Screech-Owl vs. Little Brown Bat

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From Xplor: September/October 2017

Night Sight

Keen eyesight and sensitive hearing help the owl target prey in the air and on the ground, even at night.

Woodsy Winger

This little woodland owl is built to flit silently among the trees.

Trapper Talons

Once they contact prey, the strong, sharp talons close and crush.


The bat, too, is a master flyer, able to dive and dart through the dark to catch a meal — or avoid becoming the owl’s midnight snack.

And the winner is…

Screech-owls don’t target little brown bats — moths and mice are easier to catch! But if a bat flies past its perch, an owl may dive and even catch it. The owl wins this time.

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