Predator vs. Prey: American Kestrel vs. Prairie Vole

By illustrated by David Besenger | January 1, 2017
From Xplor: January/February 2017

Hover-Craft Wings

Kestrels hover like mini helicopters over grassy fields where mice and voles tunnel and feed.

Sharp Eyes

Are great for spotting small prey scurrying through the grass or popping up through the snow.

Sharper Talons

Deliver sudden death. Strong, clawlike toes pierce and crush prey in an instant.

Snow Survivor

Voles must eat their body weight in food every day to survive. Snow can hide them as they search for seeds, bark, roots, and dried berries.

Runway Runner

Voles build systems of tunnels above and below ground. In winter, voles are more active during the day.

And the winner is…

That kestrel is close, but the little vole dives under the snow. When the snow melts, look out! The kestrel wins, talons down.

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