Which Bird, Which Egg?

By | April 1, 2010
From Xplor: April/May 2010

Just like birds, eggs come in many sizes, shapes and colors.

  • American crows line their nests with green pine needles and brown bark to camouflage their eggs.
  • American robins nest in the fork of a tree where their bright eggs blend in with the sun-dappled leaves.
  • Ruby-throated hummingbirds are only as long as your pinkie and can fit just two eggs in their tiny nests.
  • Gray catbirds nest in dense thickets where their turquoise eggs seem to vanish in the leafy darkness.
  • Killdeer scratch out shallow nests in dirt, sand or gravel and lay camouflaged eggs that won’t roll away
  • Canada geese lay eggs that match their large size. Since the eggs are slender, up to eight can fit in a single nest.
  • Eastern screech owls nest in cavities where their eggs can’t roll away.

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