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From Missouri Conservationist: May 2024

Letters to the Editor

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Love All Around

I love your magazine! The lovely pictures, the natural events each month, the letters on the front page, Up Front — just the whole magazine. You are doing a very good job.

Margaret Brill, Kansas City

Up Front

One of the first things I read when I open my new issue of the Missouri Conservationist is Up Front [Page 3]. Through her writing, Sara Parker Pauley’s character is revealed, declaring loud and clear what a perfect choice was made in making her director of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

In the March issue she said, “... in nature I know the thrill of adventure and yet a tranquility of spirit; the lure of the unknown and yet know that I am home.” Beautifully said!

Suzanne Rush, via email

Passing on Conservation

When I am finished with my Missouri Conservationist magazines, I take them to the Harsha Visitor Center at East Fork State Park in southwest Ohio. They display them so visitors can relax, read, examine the numerous wildlife displays, and watch birds, squirrels, and deer visit the feeders. I have lived in Ohio for 40 years, but I’ll always be a Missouri boy.

Dennis Lewis, via email


I read with great interest Motus by Sarah Kendrick [March, Page 10]. I am a birder and try to attract as many birds as possible to our yard. I am also an active amateur radio operator and loved seeing radio and bird conservation combined into a single activity.

Paul Orf, O’Fallon

Hunting Articles

Why do you have at least one monthly article that glorifies hunting or fishing or trapping wildlife? Why do you encourage people to enjoy life by killing other animals? There’s no excuse for this gross, cruel activity.

Elizabeth Small, via email

The Missouri Conservationist staff strives to present a well-rounded magazine each month. We realize that not all our readers are hunters, trappers or anglers, so we try to provide articles about birding, landscaping, natural history, etc., in addition to any articles about hunting and fishing. However, the department cannot forget one of its fundamental missions, which is to manage the fish, forest, and wildlife resources of the state. One of the ways in which we are constitutionally obligated to manage wildlife is to provide hunting and fishing seasons, and thereby, to provide opportunities for citizens to pursue that wildlife. We recognize that not every article is going to resonate with every reader and hope all readers will enjoy those articles that more closely align with their interests and beliefs.

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