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From Missouri Conservationist: March 2024

Letters to the Editor

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Blue December

I enjoy reading my mother’s Missouri Conservationist when I visit my Missouri home. The December issue’s photograph by Ben Caruthers [Night sky over McCormack Lake, Mark Twain National Forest, Eye of the Beholder, Pages 16–17], alight with various shades of dancing twilight, was a fitting homage to its forest namesake Mark Twain. The inky blues, that no doubt ran through his veins, were in full display in that awesome image. I write this letter full of pride for our Hannibal gift and in thanks for your lovely photograph.

Pamela Grainger Tilson, Hendersonville, NC

Printer’s Pride

I ran a printing press for 40 years, but I am now retired. Whenever I read a magazine, I look to see how well it is printed. I always look at the screens and the reverse type to see if there’s any shadow.  Whoever does your printing does a very good job. I always took pride in what I was printing, and I can tell they do, too. I love the magazine. Keep up the good work.

Dale Francis, Fenton

Editor’s note: The Missouri Conservationist is printed by LSC Communications in Liberty, MO.

Xplor More

The Missouri Conservationist magazine is great, but the magazine my daughter gets, Xplor, is phenomenally educational in all ways and on every page. The raptor section in the January/February 2024 issue [Hunters of the Skies, Page 12] was truly educational. I read it front to back and then we are sharing it with my grandsons, who live in Nebraska. Thank you all for it.

Marianne Kaempfe via email

Editor’s note: Xplor reconnects kids to nature and helps them find adventure in their own backyard. Though it’s designed for kids, it captures the hearts and minds of all ages. There’s always something new to learn at any age within the pages of this bi-monthly magazine. For more information, visit

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