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From Missouri Conservationist: November 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Watching Wildlife

Danny Brown’s article and pictures in the July issue were outstanding [Watchable Wildlife at Water’s Edge, Page 14]. The one thing that caught my eye was just how cute the little mink was. Love your magazine.

Mike Kissel, Ballwin

Creek Walk

Thanks for doing the piece on creeks in the September Conservationist [Agent Advice, Page 7]. We hunt, raise hay, and other things in the Billy’s Creek bottom. But the best times for us, our kids, and grandkids is just messing around in the creek. That was nicely done.

Jim Henry Wilson, Novinger

Litter Bugs

I am an avid reader of your magazine and appreciate the work that goes into researching and printing

your publication. There are a lot of articles about wildlife preservation, but I see a need for more

people getting involved in another way. Missouri has an abundance of litter bugs. There is no spray or trap for these bugs because they are in human form.

My husband and I have traveled all over Missouri and also do car trips out of state and we are appalled at the litter we see on Missouri roads and highways. You can hardly go a mile without seeing large trash bags, fast food bags, car tires, bottles, cans, cardboard, and white plastic bags blowing everywhere in trees, farm fields, across roads, etc.

My husband is a retired state trooper and he sees the danger to drivers because of the litter, and I’m a retired teacher and see the mess that I have tried to teach my students to recycle and dispose of properly. We both serve on a local team from our church that picks up litter on a regular basis on our designated road. I have written letters to state legislators, but we need more voices to make a difference.

Some states require a small deposit on bottles and cans that might be helpful. Mostly we need to change people’s mindset about recycling and proper disposal of trash.

My youngest grandson, who is 8 years old, is very concerned about the litter and the danger to our plants and animals. He calls the litter “nature’s tears.” The plastic bags get caught in the trees, preventing proper growth, and animals smell food in the trash and get killed on our roads and highways seeking it out.

We have a beautiful state and lots to see, so let’s keep Missouri beautiful.

Mary Varner, Lee’s Summit


In Crossbows [September, Page 22], we misspelled Sharenda Birts last name.

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