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From Missouri Conservationist: June 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Beautiful Missouri

Thank you for the Missouri Conservationist. We love having it in our classroom to show the students what beautiful animals, plants, and places we have in Missouri.

Erin Guenther, Kirkwood United Methodist Preschool

Morel Madness

What a delight it was to read about LaDonne Kieser and her lifelong hobby of morel mushroom hunting [Missouri Morels, April, Page 16]. It was one of the best things I have ever read in your magazine — combining culture, history, some biography, and the outdoors. I love morels but never hunted them, even though I live in the same area as the Kiesers. I may have to start hunting them this year now that I know how. Thank you to LaDonne and her son for inspiring me.

Susan Harris, via email

Brighter Days

As a senior, I don’t get out as much as I would like. But getting my Missouri Conservationist gives me memories of my youth. Your team are the eyes and spirit of us old timers. We may not be able to explore the woods and nature, but your team does a great job of bringing back those moments of past adventures. I look forward to each and every issue. Thanks again from this senior and all the other adventurers we once were.

W. Marshall, O’Fallon

Love From Mississippi

I had a subscription to the Missouri Conservationist in the late 1940s, long before the internet and when most libraries had little on wildlife or ecology. I lived from one issue to the next. I now visit a cousin near Robertsville, Missouri, from time to time and enjoy reading her copies of the magazine. It was, and still is, an outstanding publication and I know of no other that is comparable.

J. E. (Jim) Matthews, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Perfect Timing

On the very day my husband spotted an unusual caterpillar in our flower bed, the Missouri Conservationist arrived and in the Ask MDC section, I spied what he had described — an imperial moth! Last year after identifying a bird we hadn’t seen or heard before, I picked up a Missouri Conservationist and it included information and several photos of this great little bird — a prothonotary warbler. Interesting coincidences and great information!

R. Limback, via email

A Future Outdoorsman?

I am not an outdoorsman. I do not hunt, fish, camp, or hike in the woods. However, that does not prevent me from appreciating the timely and wonderful articles and the breathtaking photography appearing in the magazine. Also, the former English teacher in me enjoys the high quality of writing. I especially like the Up Front feature [Page 3]. It adds a personal and well-stated touch to the magazine.

Thank you for your work. It could possibly motivate me to venture out into Missouri’s wilder side.

Phil Shayne, Manchester

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