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From Missouri Conservationist: April 2023

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A Good Read

The Missouri Conservationist arrived in my mailbox, or at least the hyperlink did. As usual, I refreshed my coffee and jumped right into it. I expected to be in my own little world of joyful exploration for quite a while. You had me as soon as I saw the bluebird on the cover [February]. It really is a splendid piece of work on all levels, and I just wanted to say a word of thanks. My friend is recovering (I hope) from Lyme disease, so I especially appreciated the thorough look at ticks [Show-Me Ticks, Page 16].

George Freeman, Springfield

Flying High

I enjoyed Flying High [February, Page 10] and commend MDC for their involvement in the return of bald eagles in the state. I was involved in research on the effects of pesticides on bald eagles and other raptors as a research biologist with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

I am awed by the rapid rate of recovery of bald eagle populations as well as current numbers of breeding pairs throughout the country. I was told in the 1960s, when in college on the west coast, that Missouri had the best conservation department in the U.S. May MDC keep up their excellent work on a multitude of conservation projects.

Stan Wiemeyer, St. Joseph

Editors’ note: In February’s article, Flying High, it was stated that by 1963, the estimated number of nesting pairs of bald eagles in the continental U.S. had fallen to 417. It is more accurate to describe the affected area as the 48 contiguous states. The continental U.S. includes Alaska, whose eagle population — while facing its own challenges — was significantly larger and more stable than that of the lower 48 states.

Keep Xploring

Thank you for providing such wonderful publications! Nearing 40 years of age, I enjoy both the Missouri Conservationist and Xplor. In fact, I have been working on Year of Epic Adventures [Xplor January/February 2021]. It has been two years of working on the list, but I am determined to do every item. Some of my favorites have been watching bald eagles at Eagle Bluff CA, building snowshoes, and visiting Taum Sauk Mountain. Thank you for providing such a great way for my husband and I to explore our great state.

Rachel B. Hanson, New Franklin

Editors’ note: Xplor, published bimonthly, reconnects kids, and kids at heart, to nature and helps them find adventure in their own backyard. For more information, visit

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