Places to Go: Indian Hills Conservation Area

By Larry Archer | October 1, 2022
From Missouri Conservationist: October 2022

Indian Hills Conservation Area

A river runs through it

Finding similarities between the Montana of director Robert Redford’s 1992 epic fly-fishing movie and the nearly 4,000-acre Indian Hills Conservation Area (CA) of northeast Missouri’s Scotland County takes effort, but there’s one undeniable similarity — a river runs through it.

“We’re in the Fabius River District, and there are several branches of the Fabius that all have their own name,” said Indian Hills CA Wildlife Management Biologist Nathan Cannon. “And so, the Fabius River cuts through the middle of Indian Hills.”

Bisected from west to east by the South Fork of the Middle Fabius River, Indian Hills CA’s open upland habitat of the river bottoms cutting through its core is sandwiched by rolling, forested hills to the north and south.

Combined, these habitats attract archery deer hunters in October. Access to the river and several ponds also give anglers an opportunity, and mowed service roads throughout the area make it accessible on foot or on the right kind of bike (think big and puncture-resistant tires).

The ponds also attract migrating waterfowl, said Cannon.

“We do have a wetland area, so you’re going to see some ducks as well,” he said. “Wood ducks, mallards, and other species of ducks that are migrating in October.”

Indian Hills CA

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