Wild Guide: Red-eared Slider

By MDC | March 1, 2022
From Missouri Conservationist: March 2022

Trachemys scripta elegans

One of the most common semi-aquatic turtles in Missouri, red-eared sliders are recognized by a distinct red or orange stripe present behind each eye. Red-eared sliders can live in a variety of aquatic habitats, including rivers, sloughs, oxbow lakes, and constructed lakes and ponds, as long as there is ample aquatic vegetation for both food and security, suitable basking sites, and preferably a mud bottom.

Did You Know?

Millions of these turtles were sold as pets before 1975, with most of them dying due to improper care. Sales were curtailed when it was learned that the turtles or their water could potentially transmit salmonella to their handlers, including children.

red-eared slider

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