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From Missouri Conservationist: December 2021

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What stupendous photos by Danny Brown of pelicans in the October issue! The shot on the cover made the bird appear as though it was standing on the water.

Jim Tayon, P.E., Washington

More Pelicans

My wife and I first saw these magnificent birds in the mid-1990s. We were hiking a levy trail by the Mississippi River in eastern St. Charles County. It was bottom forest, reasonably mature, still winter-nude trees. Hiking, enjoying the solitude, and then above the barren treetops came v-shaped formation after v-shaped formation of what looked like huge silent pterodactyls. They passed, and we finished our hike in amazed silence. We found our car as we left it and our bird book transformed those pterodactyls into white pelicans. We have yet to have such a memorable walk in the woods.

Tim Miller, via email

About 10 or 15 years ago, I had occasion to visit the Thomas Hill Reservoir located in Macon and Randolph counties for the first of several visits. I had never seen pelicans in Missouri, much less a flock. I was awestruck. They were beautiful and majestic. Thank you for the great story.

Mary Lee, Chivetta Ballwin

Pelicans and Quail

The story and photographs by Danny Brown in the October issue about white pelicans were very interesting [Missouri’s Visiting Pelicans, Page 16]. Their 9-foot wingspan reminds me of the whooping crane and California condor.

I loved reading about the comeback of the northern bobwhite quail [Bobwhites, Beef, and Bees; September; Page 22]. Fifty years ago, I remember coveys of quail would flush up and scare us half to death when we’d go out to milk our dairy cows.

Mahlon N. Schwartz, Seymour


Rarely have my wife and I been as inspired as we were when we read Sara‘s Up Front column in the October issue [Page 3]. This led us to read the Fish, Float, Fall Color article [Page 22]. We then got inspired to take a 10-mile float on the Meramec River. Thanks to perfect weather, we had an awesome October float! The leaves were just beginning to turn color, but what we really noticed was the leaves falling into the river. We commented that we were usually too busy to pay much attention to falling leaves. Another treat for us was seeing a whitetail deer run across the river not far in front of us. Amazing! Thank you for providing us with the inspiration to enjoy the Missouri outdoors in the fall.

Bernie and Amelia Fortmeyer, St. Joseph

Start Them Young

While spending time at our house with our grandchildren, ages 3 and 5, they decided on their own to pick up two Missouri Conservationist magazines from our stack and look through them. We have always encouraged our grandchildren to learn about the world around them and looking at this wonderful magazine is the perfect place to start.

Rick and Michele Rouse, House Springs

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