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From Missouri Conservationist: February 2021

Letters to the Editor

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Bird’s-Eye View

I have a bird feeder and was so glad to see Bird’s-Eye View (December, Page 10). I now know what birds are visiting my feeder.

Nancy Stockton, Cassville

More Bird’s-Eye View

My grandson Henry is intrigued with nature and looks forward to your magazine every month. He and his brother, Milo, are receiving online instruction this school year. Thanks to your December issue, they learned about Missouri birds, cut out and stapled the field guide together, and made the wreath feeder. We incorporated reading, measuring ingredients, and cooking skills for a successful and fun lesson. Thank you for your wonderful magazine. We Missourians are so lucky to have this publication!

Ginny Pherigo, St. James

We loved Bird’s-Eye View and the cut-out bird guide in the December Conservationist. It seems you are succeeding in providing ways for families to use their COVID downtime at home and in nature. Thank you.

Sue Allmart and Sammy Williams, Mexico


Thanks to your staff working to assist us to obtain hunting permits. In 2019, when I found out we had to obtain them online, I had trouble navigating your system. I contacted a woman who walked me through the system, and I printed out my deer tag. Last year, I had another problem, contacted another nice lady, who not only obtained it, but printed it out for me and mailed it since our printer was broken. I was appreciative and thankful for the kindness, professionalism, and courtesy provided by your staff.

David Thater, Springfield

Longtime Reader

I am 87 years old and cannot remember how many decades ago I first read and enjoyed the Missouri Conservationist. It is better than ever, especially the photos, and I look forward to receiving it.

Harry W. Bratton, Lee’s Summit


January’s Conservationist contained an irresponsible “invitation” to explore caves (Get Outside, Page 28). It is totally irresponsible to suggest visiting caves during the winter hibernation period for bats. Awakening dormant bats can be fatal to them. Also, entering caves any time of year can be a problem due to white-nose syndrome (WNS), not to mention that almost all caves on public lands are now closed due to WNS. Also, there is no mention of any cave safety techniques.

Bill O’Donnell, Interpretive Manager

Round Spring Cave, National Park Service, Retired

MDC caves were closed in 2010 in response to white-nose syndrome (WNS), and before that time, “cave open” signs were displayed with proper safety requirements for entering. Winter disturbance of hibernating bats and potential spread of WNS is of serious concern. The closure of public land caves and necessary safety precautions should have been considered before including this article. We strive to strike an appropriate balance between encouraging responsible outdoor recreation and conservation messages. We apologize for missing the mark with this article. —The Editors

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