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From Missouri Conservationist: September 2020

Letters to the Editor

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Big-Eyed Beauties

Thank you for this excellent article [From Big-Eyed to Beautiful, July]. Noppadol Paothong is a great nature photographer, and now I learn, a writer, too.

Wesley Fordyce, Florissant

Spicebush Swallowtails

Missouri is blessed to have so many talented writers and photographers contributing to the Conservationist, but special thanks for From Big- Eyed to Beautiful. Not only was the photography by Noppadol Paothong outstanding (as usual), the article was one of the most well-written and informative on the spicebush swallowtail caterpillar/ butterfly that one could hope for. Noppadol is a special Missouri treasure whose love for his work really shows!

Ralph Luebke, Overland

Kudos to Noppadol Paothong for an excellent article on spicebush swallowtail caterpillars and butterflies. I always enjoy his beautiful photographs and well-written articles. He skillfully weaves his personal experiences into the scientific facts and data he describes so well. I especially appreciated his conclusion to this article. He notes that nature requires lifetime learning, and he explains how we can all make a difference in the health of our natural world by planting a variety of host and nectar plants in our gardens for butterflies and other pollinators.

Ann Simmons Tanner Leawood, Kansas

Damsels and Dragonflies

I enjoyed your story featuring dragonflies and damselflies in the June issue [Dragons and Damsels,]. Very interesting coverage of the morphology, biology, and importance to humans. I rushed right to Google to check out the federally endangered Hine’s emerald dragonfly. I was raised in Illinois and live in Oregon, but have received your publication for years. Absolutely stunning photography and informative articles. I’ve really enjoyed your most current change in format, as well. Many thanks for an awesome job done!

Mike Billman La Grande, Oregon

Bears and Breakfast

My grandson will be two in October. He gets the kids magazine [Xplor], but he loves the Missouri Conservationist issue with a picture of a black bear [In Brief, July].

Rodger Benson via email

Salute from a Veteran

I am a 91-year-old U.S. Army Korean War veteran. I will turn 92 in October of this year. Back in the early 1960s, I got my first Missouri Conservationist magazine. But, in my mind, I thought a magazine like this would never last. I read it from cover to cover. It was outstanding! This magazine has only gotten better and better. To this very day, the Missouri Conservationist magazine is, by far, one of the best out there. I have a feeling that this magazine will last on and on.

Robert Leird Malden

Better With Age

I want to commend you on your fantastic Missouri Conservationist magazine. I liked the older versions, but the magazine has never been better. The stories are fascinating and the beautifully printed photos are magnificent. I often used to just look at the photos, but now it is a must read for me. It is one of the great services to Missourians — and it’s free!

Thank you for enriching my life with your beautiful magazine. I may be too old now to walk on rough paths, but you bring them to me.

Paul Kjorlie St. Louis


Stony Point Prairie Conservation Area is not located in Springfield as mentioned in What Is It? [August]. It’s in Dade County, 9 miles north and 3 miles west of Lockwood.

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