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From Missouri Conservationist: July 2019

Letters to the Editor

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Welcome to MO

We absolutely love this publication. As newcomers to Missouri, we learn something new each month.

Ruthann Rackawack, Caulfield

Urban Fishing

I really enjoyed your article on urban fishing [50 Years of Urban Fishing in St. Louis, April]. My younger brother and I shared fond memories of a little pond in Clifton Park. Although I now live in New Jersey, I still have family and friends in Missouri and enjoy reading the Missouri Conservationist.

John Burghardt, Mullica Hill, NJ

Your article in the April magazine reminded me of the many wonderful hours my brothers and I spent fishing the ponds in Forest Park during the late 1950s. We would stop by the local grocery store and the butcher would supply us with liver and off we would go with our cane poles in hand. One of the ponds we frequented was located next to the Municipal Opera. Not only were we able to enjoy trying to catch a channel cat or a carp, but we could hear the beautiful music that was being rehearsed only a few yards from us. What an experience for a 10-year-old.

Danny Marshall, Steelville

Falcon Pride

At Van Horn High School, we love receiving the Missouri Conservationist each month because our biology teachers use it to supplement their instruction. You can imagine the excitement when we saw a peregrine falcon on the cover of the April issue. We are the home of the Fighting Falcons and it was great to learn about our mascot and how they are making such a great comeback in our state. Thank you for producing such a great magazine for our students and teachers. Fly to the sky Falcons! Ka-Ka!

Dr. Justin Woods, Principal

Love from Across the Pond

Thanks to our dear friends in Warsaw, we receive the Conservationist every month. We love your articles and wonderful photographs. Missouri certainly seems to lead the way in conservation. We always pass on the magazines to a neighbor here in North Yorkshire. His sister lives in America and as a true countryman from a farming family, he loves to read them. We often talk about some of the wonderful times we have spent in your lovely state.

Sue Oswell North Yorkshire, England

Unusual Visitor

Early one morning, our doorbell rang. My wife answered, but no one was there. This went on several more times. With the help of my walker, I hobbled to the door. I looked through the screen window and hanging onto the bar next to the door was a giant raccoon, staring me in the face as if to say, “Let me in!” I banged on the door a couple times, but it didn’t seem to bother him. The doorbell kept ringing. I called the Carthage Police Department and an animal control officer arrived. By this time the raccoon had given up ringing the doorbell and was laying down asleep in front of our door. The officer had no problem getting the raccoon in a cage. I told the officer it was so friendly and not afraid. She agreed.

Norman Knight, Carthage

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