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From Missouri Conservationist: June 2019

National Prairie Day

Give a salute to prairies on June 1 and plant some native wildflowers like New England asters, butterfly milkweed, or purple coneflowers in your yard.

Watch Where You Mow

Butterfly milkweed is blooming along roadsides. If you live — and typically mow — along these roadways, give your lawnmower a break. This is an important plant for monarchs. The nectar is a favorite, and the leaves are eaten by the monarch’s caterpillars.

Blast the Trumpet

Black trumpet mushrooms appear. Known as the black chanterelle, these edible mushrooms have a smoky, rich flavor. They blend in well with the forest floor, so it takes a keen eye to spot them. Be on the lookout.

St. Louis Region

Family Beginning Archery

Saturday, June 15 • 8:00–9:30 a.m. Jay Henges Shooting Range 1100 Antire Road, High Ridge, MO 63049 Registration required. Call 888-283-0364 to register by June 14. Call 636-938-9548 for event information. Ages 9 and older

Join our instructors as we learn the fundamentals of shooting a compound bow. This program begins in the education center then moves to the static archery range. This is a fun program for the entire family.

Take Dad Fishing

On June 8–9 (the weekend before Father’s Day), take your dad to the nearest fishing hole for Free Fishing Days. During that weekend, he won’t need a fishing permit, trout permit, or daily tag. (You’ll both need to follow other fishing rules, though.) If after that weekend he’s hooked, surprise him on Father’s Day with a permit so he can cast a line year-round. You can purchase a permit online at

Southeast Region

Father’s Day Wade Fishing

Saturday, June 15 • 9 a.m.–2 p.m. Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center 2289 County Park Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 Registration required. Call 888-283-0364 to register by June 15. Call 573-290-5218 for event information. Ages 7 and older

Have you ever been wade fishing? This Father’s Day weekend you can bring your children and come learn about the basics and fun of stream wade fishing. Parents must register themselves with their children. Participants will be picked up (9 a.m.) and dropped off (2 p.m.) at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center. All equipment provided.

Southwest Region


Saturday, June 22 • 8:30–11:30 a.m. Andy Dalton Shooting Range 4897 N. Farm Road 61, Ash Grove, MO 65604 Registration required. Call 888-283-0364 to register by June 22. Call 417-742-4361 for event information. All ages

Advance your knowledge of shooting and hunting with your crossbow, safely and effectively. We will cover crossbow terms, hand placement, stance, loading, and drawing. We will also cover optics, care and cleaning, and storage. We will discuss the difference between bolts and arrows, practice points versus hunting points, and shoot on the static and 3-D range. Youth under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Give a Croak

Bullfrog and green frog season opens at sunset on June 30. They can be harvested in a number of ways with either a hunting or a fishing permit. For more information, visit

Natural Events to See This Month

Here’s what’s going on in the natural world.

  • Yuccas bloom
  • Look for ball-like schools of young bullhead catfish
  • Northern Bobwhites hatch through end of summer;
  • Snapping turtles and spiny softshell turtles lay eggs.

Find more events in your area at

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