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From Missouri Conservationist: February 2018

Letters to the Editor

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December Issue

The December issue was very intriguing. I always enjoy it, but this issue was especially interesting. Thank you so much for providing this publication.

Jay Baker via Facebook

Up Front With Sara Parker Pauley

I enjoyed reading Up Front in the Missouri Conservationist [December]. Your granny sounds like she was such a cool lady. How blessed you were to have had her in your life.

Kelly Potter, Greenville

I enjoyed your Granny Elma story. I had a very similar Granny Mabel, and it brought back many memories of her. We always look forward to our Conservationist, although my wife requires me to read it first to be sure there are no snake pictures in it. I’ve seen it fly across the room when I missed one.

Mark Critchfield, Columbia

Fans From Afar

Although I live in Wisconsin, I am an avid reader of the Missouri Conservationist. Our daughter and family live in Rolla and have gifted me a subscription for the past six years. I am an avid wildlife photographer and enjoy your photos as well as the nature articles. I learn at least one new thing from each issue.

John Dart North Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

I live in the northwest lower peninsula of Michigan. A friend of mine sends me the Missouri Conservationist regularly, and I look forward to reading it. The magazine’s new format is terrific. I don’t know of a better magazine anywhere. Keep up the great job.

Larry Demny, Michigan

Marsh Birds

I’m writing on behalf of the Missouri Bird Records Committee and our sponsor, the Audubon Society of Missouri, to express my appreciation for the fine article, Secretive Marsh Birds [November, Page 10], and the beautiful Virginia rail cover photo. For most folks, these are among the least known of all our birds, and they deserve this kind of publicity. More knowledge of the rich wildlife in our wetlands will surely help persuade people that wetlands are worth preserving and even recreating where possible.

Bill Rowe, Missouri Bird Records Committee, St. Louis

Our Forests At Work

My wife and I traveled to Mendoza, Argentina, and toured several large production wineries. The guide commented about the large number of barrels they buy from the United States and asked if anyone knew where they came from. I told him Perryville, Missouri, and he was astonished anyone would know the specifics. He asked how I knew, and I said I only live about 30 miles from Perryville. Great article, and I remember the large warehouses full of Missouri oak barrels floor to ceiling.

Dave Beasley Jackson

January Issue

Loved this issue. Just gave me all the pertinent facts about our great MDC. Great pictures and good stats. Keep up the good work the MDC has been doing since I moved to Missouri in 1948. Yes, I am going on 90 years of age.

Frank S. Thomas III, Ballwin

The fern frost patterns on January’s cover are captivating in their exquisite beauty!

Helen Holbrook via email

I really liked the Get Outside spread and Places to Go. The photos are always exceptional. I have enjoyed the magazine for the 43 years we have been Missourians.

Dianne Larson via email

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