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From Missouri Conservationist: September 2017

Letters to the Editor

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Redesign Praise

I love the new format of the Missouri Conservationist! This is the best it has been in my 54 years. Please keep this same format. It is very colorful, readable, informative. I love it!

Amber Redburn, West Plains

More Redesign Feedback

Your tweaks to the Missouri Conservationist jump off the page like the face of a blushing bride. Bravo!

Van Reidhead, Augusta

When I opened the July issue, I was both shocked and disappointed. Photographs and graphics should complement the content. This new format is just the opposite — limited and redundant. I am sad to see a long history of educational excellence come to an end.

Jim Coffey, Galena

I was overjoyed to find one of our wonderful Missouri creatures on the back cover [July]. I love being able to identify our wonderful wildlife. I am so proud of our state’s Conservation Department. I “sell” the magazine to anyone who will listen, and I even send it to my out-of-state son.

Penny Odell St. Louis

The new format is very clear, clean, and easy to read, but please bring back the single panel cartoon. I always enjoyed looking for it!

Gary Shannon Chesterfield

I enjoyed the new layout of the magazine, but where was the cartoon?

Shirley Mounts, Maryville

We ran the final cartoon in the June 2017 issue, but you can still purchase Outside Jokes, a collection of more than 200 nature cartoons by Betty Chmielniak Grace, for $8.75 plus tax and shipping. Call toll-free 1-877-521- 8632, or order online at —the editors

Natural Areas

Celebrating Missouri’s Natural Legacy by Mike Leahy [July] not only provided interesting information about our state and its essential natural areas, but it also gave key talking points in communicating the value of native plants and how they provide the foundation of life. An example was given regarding the diet of turkey poults and how it consists mostly of insects. More of these insects live in habitats abundant with native plants. This may explain why I haven’t seen many grasshoppers yet, thanks to the resident flock of turkeys making themselves at home in my 10-acre valley covered with native vegetation.

Christine Torlina Cedar Hill

Outdoor Accessibility for All

We were recently in Rich Hill, and our relatives there always give us copies of the Missouri Conservationist. I find them very informative. Your May 2017 edition was especially gratifying because of your article on individuals with disabilities being able to enjoy the outdoors with adaptive equipment [Ready, Willing, and Empowered]. We have a son with disabilities, and we know the importance of specialized equipment. Thank you for this wonderful article.

Tim and Martha Brooks Newark, Delaware

Milkweed for Military

In July’s issue, the picture of milkweed and the article on Isaac Breuer [I Am Conservation] reminded me of a project thestudents at Enterprise School participated inaround 1943. There were about 12 students in firstthrough eighth grades, and we were asked to pickmilkweed pods just before they would ripen andburst. We were told sailors and soldiers used theseeds in life jackets. Since everyone knew someone in the military at that time, we gladly hit the fields and brought back milkweed pods in buckets andsacks of all descriptions.

Gil Head Kearney

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