Up Front With Sara Parker Pauley

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From Missouri Conservationist: July 2017

With Sara Parker Pauley

One of my most treasured memories from this past year is the recent wedding of a dear childhood friend’s daughter. I have known this beautiful bride from birth and watched her grow into an amazing woman inside and out. She chose “Aunt Sara’s” field for the ceremony, and she wore the wedding veil I had worn many years before, and that my mother had worn decades before that. This veil looked amazing in my mother’s wedding pictures, and years later, I tweaked the veil’s beading a bit to reflect a different time period, and then, years later still, the veil was tweaked once more to frame a new bride’s face, refreshed for a different generation. Pictures will reveal a veil of the same length and fabric, but the inquisitive eye will note the changes that evidence a passage of time.

So, too, the time-treasured Missouri Conservationist has gone through some changes of its own, with this edition representing a new chapter. For many, it will look like the same award-winning magazine with its informative articles and breathtaking pictures. But the observer of detail will recognize the nuances.

You’ll notice promotions of key department campaigns, more interaction between the magazine and the department’s social media, an easily accessible list of natural and department events, highlights of department research, and more of our award-winning photography.

We hope you enjoy this newest format. Yes, it’s the same fabric underneath, but we’ve added some tweaks to adapt to changing times. Something old. Something new.

Sara Parker Pauley, Director

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