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From Missouri Conservationist: Nov 2015

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Nuts About Nuts

Just want to say thanks for an excellent article about edible nuts in your September issue [Nuts About Native Edibles; Page 18]. Almost 10 years ago, I planted several American hazelnut shrubs from the George O. White State Tree Nursery. I forgot about them until I read your article. This morning, I located three of the shrubs. Two were barren, but the third was loaded. After chasing a squirrel away, I picked about half a shoebox full of nuts. There are more on the shrub that aren’t brown yet, so I guess it’s a race between the squirrel and me to see who gets them! Looking forward to following your directions for drying and roasting these nuts.

Jeff Goris, Licking

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this article. Thank you for educating me on these four nuts and bringing back childhood memories. Growing up on a farm, I am very familiar with black walnut trees. We also had a large pecan tree in the pasture but never really harvested much from it, and Dad would go into the woods nearby looking for hickory to use in the smokehouse.

Do you know the first thing I read when I get my new Missouri Conservationist magazine? The back cover! I love this feature, and this month’s featured conservationist, Brett Jeffryes, was a great read [I Am Conservation; September].

Thanks again for another great issue. Keep up the good work on our wonderful magazine. I read it cover to cover.

Linda Jager, Cedar Hill


Your magazine is both enjoyable and educational. We are not farmers, but live in the country. I have lived in Missouri most of my life but never really paid attention to the natural elements. I have learned so much about the plants and animals around me by reading your free magazine. Keep up the good work! Thanks!

Donna Baugh, Carthage

Through the Years

I’ve forgotten how long it has been since I started getting my favorite magazine, and I wished I had saved every one of them. I went through five children, 12 grandchildren, and now I’m working on 10 great-grandchildren. I pass my magazines down to all my family. It’s the most interesting and decent one I can think of. I love it very much and hope it never quits while I’m still here. Thanks for all my good years with you.

Kay Jackson, Holts Summit

Ladies Fishing

A friend and I talked about how we have always wanted to learn to fish. We are grandmothers and not as sturdy and sure-footed as in our youth, but did not want to pass up this opportunity offered by MDC. We drove approximately 90 miles from St. Louis to St. James to participate in “Ladies’ Fishing Day.” It was a well-organized event, and MDC staff could not have been nicer. Ron, one of the MDC agents, in particular, deserves an award for patience. When explaining the proper usage of the fishing rod and reel, he kindly pointed out — without laughing uproariously — that I was holding the rod upside down. Once that was made clear and a trout was caught, we were shown the proper cleaning procedure by Ron and were sent on our way with a good-sized trout. Needless to say, it was a special treat for the evening meal.

We are confident that, given more practice, we can enjoy the fishing opportunities as they come along now that we’ve gotten our feet wet.

Our age group of women is a lot more interested in things like fishing than younger folks may think. Most of the older women I know spent our best years raising families and working outside the home with no time left to pursue any of the activities we saw our men enjoying.

It is so nice to have a program like this. Thank you for this program encouraging women to get involved in fishing.

Linda Schaeffer, via email

Reader Photo

Basking Buddies

Larry Held of St. Louis captured this photo of a red-eared slider and a mallard drake sharing a warm sunspot on a cool fall day at Carondelet Park in St. Louis. “Frequently I will head somewhere on my bike and I usually pack my camera in my backpack and look for photo opportunities,” said Held. “The turtle and duck sharing the log brought a sense of humor and happiness to a Sunday afternoon.” Held frequents many parks and natural areas around the city of St. Louis and often visits the same area multiple times. “Like any amateur photographer, I have found that every new day brings a new photo.”

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