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From Missouri Conservationist: Feb 2015

Conservation Dollars Support the Economy

Conservation represents one of Missouri’s bright stars in the state’s economy. Hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, and Missouri forest products represent an economic force as big as Missouri’s outdoors.

Conservation pays its way and is good for Missouri’s jobs, economy, and quality of life.

Each year Missouri benefits from:

  • $4 BILLION in economic impacts from fish- and wildlife-related recreation
  • $8 BILLION in economic impacts from the forest products industry
  • 99,000 jobs supported by fish- and wildlife-related recreation and the forest products industry
  • $507 MILLION of state and local taxes generated by fish- and wildlife-related recreation spending and the forest products industry

All of this economic activity is from less than 1 percent of Missouri’s state budget.

The annual budget of your conservation department is less than 1 percent of the total state of Missouri government budget and the Department of Conservation receives no general revenue from the state budget.

The conservation sales tax more than pays for itself. The 1/8 of 1 percent sales tax returns almost five times the dollars in state and local taxes alone. In addition, it helps generate billions of dollars in revenue to support Missouri jobs and businesses.

*Nationwide, hunters and anglers:

  • Are a $76 BILLION economic force
  • Are a $192 BILLION economic “ripple effect” created by the combined spending of hunters and anglers
  • Generate $25 BILLION each year in federal, state, and local taxes throughout the nation.
  • Based on average salaries, hunters generate taxes that are equivalent to 527,900 police officers, or 454,000 firefighters, or 476,870 teachers. The sport fishing industry alone supports over 1 million jobs.

*Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation

Your hunting and fishing purchases help you enjoy the outdoors, help conserve the outdoors, and help other Americans stay employed! Hunters, anglers, and wildlife watchers are a major force in America’s economy.

Across America, hunters and anglers spend more than a billion dollars on licenses, stamps, tags, and permits, which translates into conservation dollars at the state level. If a single corporation grossed as much as hunters and anglers spend, it would be among America’s 20 largest corporations.

Nationwide, hunters and anglers have historically been, and continue to be, the largest contributors to government wildlife conservation programs. Through excise taxes and license revenues, they have contributed more than $10 billion to conservation through the years. In Missouri, citizens taxed themselves to improve and sustain a conservation program that creates a state that is a great place to live, work, fish, hunt, view wildlife, and enjoy the outdoors.

Clean water, healthy forests, and abundant fish and wildlife support our lives and lifestyles. Remember the next time you go hunting, fishing, or wildlife watching that not only areyou pursuing a passion but you are actively supporting Missouri’s and the nation’s economy!

Tim Ripperger, deputy director

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