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From Missouri Conservationist: Oct 2014

Theresa and David Lackey of Ashland float the Missouri River on a fall day in a cedar strip canoe they built themselves. “David wanted to build a wood strip canoe for years,” said Theresa. “We decided to build this tandem cedar strip canoe for a Boundary Waters trip in 2007.” The following year, they built David a solo strip canoe for an ultra-marathon race on the Missouri River, from Kansas City to St. Charles, 340 river miles. I am conservation 10-2014David has completed six endurance races with Theresa doing ground support. “We make a great team,” said Theresa. The Lackeys began canoeing about 30 years ago. “We have always enjoyed outdoor adventure and paddling is such a great way to enjoy nature,” said Theresa. The couple is also active in Missouri River Relief activities and has participated in river cleanup events. When not on the water, the couple works to return their property to native glade and savannah habitat. “All streams and waterways are of interest to us, but the Missouri River is truly one of the world’s great rivers, and it flows through our state unencumbered by dams,” said Theresa. “One can paddle for many miles and hours and still have plenty of river left to paddle. We’re fortunate to live so close to this resource.” —photograph by David Stonner

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