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From Missouri Conservationist: Nov 2013

Kelsey Brandkamp, of Columbia, Mo., started hunting at a young age. “I was 8 when I shot my first turkey and deer,” says Brandkamp, “and it just stuck with me ever since.” Brandkamp says most of her family hunts or enjoys the outdoors in some way, and she has hunted in Missouri and many other places. I am conservation“So far I’ve hunted for deer, bear, turkey, pheasants, quail, waterfowl, hogs, javelin, furbearers, and other small game,” says Brandkamp. She also enjoys fishing, trapping, and just being outside. “I like to take my dogs swimming out at Rocky Fork during the summer, and we bow fish a lot at Eagle Bluffs,” says Brandkamp. “The outdoors is a huge part of my life, so I want to help keep those resources around for future generations.” Brandkamp is currently studying Fisheries and Wildlife at the University of Missouri–Columbia. “I take conservation and management very seriously,” says Brandkamp. “I just think it’s important we look at what we’re doing now and, instead of saying: ‘How will this effect me and my hunting opportunities?’ we should be asking ourselves: ‘How will this effect my children’s and grandchildren’s hunting opportunities?’” —photo by David Stonner

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