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From Missouri Conservationist: Feb 2013

A logging crew from the East Perry Lumber Company in Frohna, Mo., were selected as the 2012 Loggers of the Year. The crew includes (from left) Ron Stelling, company owner and president Marvin Petzoldt, Tim Schmidt, Adam Hoehne, and Tommy Petzoldt. Every year MDC gives awards to Missouri loggers who have demonstrated good working relationships with landowners and I am Conservation 02 2013foresters, caused minimal damage to remaining trees and resources on the harvest site, used best management practices to prevent soil erosion, have the desire to address wildlife management concerns, and used proper forest management techniques. Loggers can’t apply for the award but must be nominated by professional foresters. “It started long before I was here, but East Perry has taken pride in doing the right thing in the woods since being formed in 1945,” says Petzoldt. “We take pride in doing the best for the land as well as the landowners.” Hoehne added, “It’s about going above and beyond what is expected and it is an honor. It’s not just one person, but the whole company working together to make sure all of our work is being done well.” MDC is currently accepting nominations from professional foresters for the 2013 Logger of the Year —Photo by David Stonner

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