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From Missouri Conservationist: Jul 2012

A Good State to Be

I want to compliment you for such a beautiful publication. The pictures are vibrant and the articles are most interesting. When I was traveling on my job some years ago, Iowa was part of my sales territory, and I remember what a beautiful publication their commission published. I remember saying to myself, “Why can’t Missouri do this?” Well now you do, and I would put the Missouri Conservationist up against any state’s magazine. Thank you for making us proud; we really enjoy each issue.

Gene Fisher, O’Fallon

Conservation Cycling

I just received the June issue of Missouri Conservationist and read the Conservation Cycling article. My husband and I have biked from Clinton to St. Charles four times in the past several years. I agree completely with the author’s description of the trail, wildlife sighting, need for planning ahead for lodging and the all-round wonderful experience. However, the statement “trailhead with parking, water and restroom facilities” is incorrect. Although there is parking and restrooms (sometimes smelly), there is NOT water available in most places.

Joyce Lehman, via Internet

From Facebook

There was a post a few days ago about baiting deer. I took it as something had changed about the laws. Can you please tell me how to find the rules or explain?

Bj Sharp

MDC: Here is a link to the info you are looking for: mdc.mo.gov/node/17944. It is still illegal to hunt over bait in all of Missouri. Due to CWD being found in the area, it will now be illegal to place grain or other food or minerals out for deer in Adair, Chariton, Linn, Macon, Randolph and Sullivan counties. The reason for the regulation change is that activities such as feeding and placement of minerals/salts that artificially concentrate deer greatly increase the likelihood of disease transmission from animal to animal or from soil to animal.

In response to a letter about injured turtles on Page 2 of the June Conservationist, and what to do with them, I thought that I would post this for Missouri residents. Lakeside Nature Center in Kansas City, Mo., rehabilitates many native Missouri animals, including turtles. The Missouri Department of Conservation contributed funds to help with the building construction, which we greatly appreciate as Missouri citizens.

On a side note, the center gets quite a few turtles that come in after being “house pets,” which are often malnourished. These turtles are often picked up on the road while in transit. I am just a volunteer from the center, not an employee. This is how I know about turtles, and the turtle is our symbol at the center.

Mary Ann Sawyer

MDC: It’s a great facility with great people who do great things to help Missouri wildlife and help Missourians discover and appreciate nature. Here is the website: lakesidenaturecenter.org.

My husband and son were fishing a farm pond yesterday and caught sun perch. When they were cleaning them they noticed they had eggs in them and the eggs were hard. Is this common? What causes it?

Krystle Leyva

MDC: Green eggs (immature) are hard. Ripe eggs (mature) are soft. The eggs will soften prior to fish spawning. Sunfish populations will spawn throughout the summer. The amount of daylight and temperature are important triggers for the first spawn.


The phone number listed on Page 27 of our June issue [To Sell or Not to Sell], under “For More Information” is incorrect. The phone number for the Call Before You Cut Hotline is 877-564-7483.

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